What does Tiny Footprint Labor do:

*Tree Cutting/Trimming
*Deep Cleans
*Pressure Washing
*Painting Interior/Exterior
*Small Enclosure Fencing
*Minor Cement Work
*Selective Land Clearing (by hand)
*Natural Landscape Enhancements
*Tiny sheds
*Livestock Feeding Systems
*Amending Soils
*Cinder Base Driveways
*Fielding Guava (Psidium guajaba) (Paidium cattleianum) / African Tulip ( Spathodea campanulata )
*Non Violent Catch And Release
*Line Clearing
*Gardening/Greenhouse Solutions
*Natural Insect and Pest Control

Do you have a job not mentioned, see if we can accommodate your needs!  We also refer local businesses for your needs if we cannot help! 

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